Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS 4th gear fix

If your Alfa 5 speed gearbox no longer selects 4th gear then it’s quite likely that the gearbox selector shaft has become obstructed by swarf in the gearbox end casing.

In this guide we show you how to DIY repair the problem.

First up you need to raise the vehicle and remove the near side wheel and end of gearbox plastic covering. Also remove the engine under tray if fitted.

You’ll then see the end cover on the gearbox that needs to be removed.


Undo the bolts and tap the cover with a rubber mallet or prize the cover loose with a suitable lever. Place a bucket underneath as a small amount of gearbox oil will spill out.

On e the cover is removed you’ll see this.


This is where the swarf buildup happens and restricts the shaft movement. Clean it out using brake cleaner spray and a clean rag. Also take time to clean the mating surface for the cover.


Now prepare the cover for reassembly by cleaning it out with brake cleaner spray and removing and residual silicone. Give it a wipe dry and reapply engine silicone sealant as seen below.


Now refit the cover and remove the gearbox filler plug to refill the gear oil. You may take this opportunity to drain the gearbox completely for a gearbox oil change if you wish.



  1. Hi – might this work on a 147 GTA that has stopped selecting 4th gear ?? It was grinding for a few months before hand, and now it won’t stay in 4th gear… it stays until you accelerate, and then pops out. Could this fix it do you think? Or, if not.. how much might it cost to repair ? and is it something you can do? Thanks, Olly

    1. admin says:

      No im afraid not, the gearboxes are different.

    2. admin says:

      Popping out of gear in a symptom of low gearbox oil. Check yours asap and top up as required, make sure you check it when cold though.

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