Alfa Romeo 159 Ti 1.9 JTDm service

Here we have James lovely low mileage 159 Ti for a full service.



Heres the engine bay.



First up is the oil change, the 1.9 has a slow drain sump plug fitted.  This means you can just loosen it and it’ll drain the oil rather than removing the sump plug completely.



Next up the oil filter.  Its located behind the engine as below.



To remove the filter you need an oil filter cap like this.



Heres the new oil filter ready to go in.



Now move on to the air filter located drivers side just in front of the wheel, this requires a 7mm socket to undo the securing bolts, then remive the cover and the air filter can be pulled out.  The covers always need a clean out of leaves and dirt on the 159 so be sure to do so.



Time for the fuel filter to be replaced.  Firstly remove the electrical connector under the filter as below, then undo the quick release fuel pipes (these may leak a little diesel) and then undo the securing 10mm nut pictured on the right hand of photo.



Remove the sensor and fit into the new filter by hand (see below), dont overtighten as they snap easily, be sure to fit the new o-ring for the sensor that came with the new filter.


Then refit the filter, and bleed the air from it using the nipple on top.


Time for the pollen filter next, located in the glove box. Fisrt thing is to remove this Torx screw.



Then push the clips above and remove the panel complete with the USB connector.


Now unplug the glove box switch connector which is blue (this helps when removing the pollen filter)


Now you can see the pollen filter location, just remove the screw pictured.



Then holding the flap up you can pull out the filter.  These are always filthy due to long service intervals.  Its definitely worth chamgning them more frequently.


Install the new filter carefullyand with the air flow the correct way.



Now reassemble and you’re done.















  1. Steve says:

    Nice. I need to figure out how to do the pollen filter change on the 147

  2. S Mackay says:

    Love the 159. If I needed a family car that’s what I have. Do they do a 3.something petrol in these?

    1. admin says:

      Yep you can buy the 3.2 V6 model. Is really nice to drive too.

  3. Steve says:

    3.2 V6. Same engine as the 147 and 156 GTA? Is it badged as a GTA with the bodykit etc?

    1. admin says:

      No it’s not called a GTA, and has a completely different engine. It’s called the 3.2 V6 JTS and puts out 256PS.

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