Daily work at powerItalia – Alfa 166 exhaust manifold repair

Today we are going to investigate the blowing from Nick’s Alfa 166 3.0 V6.


The blowing is from the front manifold area, so we need to remove it from the engine to inspect thoroughly and see what is required.

To remove the manifold you must first remove the heat shield which is secured via 4 10mm nuts.

Next up is removing the down pipe from the manifold secured via 2 13mm bolts.

Then you need to remove the dipstick tube from the engine as it stops the manifold from being removed. This is secure by a simple 19mm nut.

Now time to undo the 6 manifold nuts.

Here’s a picture of the engine with the manifold removed.


And here’s a shot of the manifold. As you can see its been repaired previously. The repair hasn’t lasted well as the crack has continued to grow under and around the welds



The old weld needs removing and the surface prepared for a weld that should last a long time.

Here’s the manifold after repair and ready to fit back on to the car.



The manifold securing studs were quite corroded so we’ve removed and replaced the old ones with new.


And the manifold can now be refitted.



Refit the downpipe with a new gasket them the dipstick tube. Then lastly the heat shield and the jobs done.


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