Day to day work at Poweritalia – Fiat Coupe front brake pipe

Today we’ve got a fair amount of work to do on Phillip’s low mileage 20VT.

One of the jobs is to replace a corroded front brake pipe for the MOT.

The pipe here runs from the drivers side wheel arch to the ABS pump and runs along the bulk head clipped in the original Fiat clips.

The pipe at the ABS pump.


The pipe routing along the bulk head. The lower pipe is the one we are replacing.


The wheel arch where the pipe would connect to the flexible rubber brake hose.


Here’s the pipe after removal. We cut the pipe in to sections to make it far easier to remove.

As you can see the rust is severe. With the age of Fiat Coupes, brake pipes are rusting and worryingly are not always spotted in an MOT.



Another angle.


The new pipe is going to be made using copper piping along with new fittings each end.

It’s a very long pipe, as you can see. It’ll be bent into the correct shape as we fit it.


Pipe in place and screwed in to ABS pump. Note the cable tie, this is to stop the fitting sliding along the pipe and will be removed at the end.


Pipe following the correct factory routing as Fiat intended.


Another shot of the routing.


And lastly the pipe fitted in place at the wheel arch joining the flexible hose.


We’ve also fitted a new Brembo caliper metal pipe as the old one was looking past it’s best.


Now ready for bleeding with new fluid and checking thoroughly for leaks.

we strongly recommend all owners of Fiat Coupes have there brake pipes inspected for rust. If a pipe fails the consequences can be complete loss of your brakes so get them checked over by your local Fiat Coupe specialist.



  1. William says:

    Just had mine done a few weeks back with PowerItalia, mine were months away from failure! Very glad Rog spotted it, as the MOT did not! I’m a happy safe Coupe driver once more…

  2. Neil C says:

    Had my rear pipes done recently, another top job by Rog and Ruben, thanks fellas.

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