Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo diagnosing a cracked piston

This how to guide in video format will show you how to diagnose if you gave a cracked piston.

This is a common problem on modified Fiat Coupe’s that have standard pistons fitted.

Testing for this is very simple and requires no tools whatsoever.

Note: Video may not play in Internet explorer 9 (.MOV format)

The puffing that you can see is oil vapour from the crankcase being pressurised.

At this point you could compression test the engine to confirm which piston is at fault but really there is little point and you need to strip down the engine, and have all 5 pistons replaced along with the rings.


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  1. Ben says:

    Who is the obviously very talented new yank mechanic?? 🙂
    What do ‘merkin’s know about Italian cars? eh?

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