Fiat Coupe 20V & 20VT

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Charges inc VAT

Basic Service:
Oil change, Oil filter change, full safety check, check of all electrical components, check all fluid levels and top up if necessary.

Full Service:

Oil change (Selenia 20K), oil filter change, replace air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter (where fitted), replace spark plugs. Check and top up screen wash. Inspect brake pads, discs, calipers, drums, wheel bearings, steering components, suspension, bushes, engine mounts, check condition of all hoses, check operation of all internal components inc air con (if fitted), elec windows etc, heaters, seat belts, road test and report, lubricate all hinges, check exhaust system operation, check all lights and signals, check condition and operation of drive belts, check wiper blade efficiency.
Additional: (extra cost + £50 each) Replace anti freeze or/and brake fluid

Other oils are available on request – Selenia Racing oil and Mobil 1 10W60


Cambelt: (50,000miles)

Our timing belt replacements include new timing belt, tensioner,tensioner idler, water pump, and replacement of all drive belts and tensioners £490.00
Combination package of COMPLETE cambelt plus Full service including health check report. £650.00
Clutch Kits consist of 3 piece, cover plate, centre plate and thrust bearing. Replace gearbox oil and new driveshaft oil seal. £475.00


Supply and Fit New OE Exhaust Manifold and gasket. £POA
Turbo Charger
Supply and Fit New Genuine Garrett Turbo unit uprated with 360 Degree thrust bearing. £720.00
Supply and Fit Standard Fiat Exhaust System (CAT back) for 20V/20VT. £POA
Oil Cooler
& Pipes
No longer available – contact for options £POA
Lower arms/
Supply and fit new pair of lower arms including droplinks and anti roll bar bushes. £264.00
Supply and Fit genuine Fiat replacement handbrake cables. We only use genuine Fiat cables for optimum performance and long term durability., cheap cables last 6 months max, avoid! £108.00
Supply and Fit genuine Fiat replacement Radiator and flush system with new antifreeze. £264.00
LE Drilled
Brake Discs & Pads (front)
Supply and Fit replacement genuine Fiat LE drilled and pads. £POA
Front Brake
Discs & Pads
Supply and Fit new front brake discs and pads. £238.80
Rear Brake
Discs & Pads
Supply and Fit new rear brake discs and pads. £106.80
Front Brake
Supply and Fit genuine Fiat rubber brake hose x 1. £60.00
Rocker cover gasket Supply and Fit genuine Fiat rocker cover gasket £60.00